The Cinderella Challenge: Discover God’s Beauty & Urgency in Life’s Ashes

We know the story: A young maid is transformed into a beautiful princess to win the heart of the prince. Finding her lost slipper at the stroke of midnight, the prince searches far and wide to find his missing princess. Cinderella lives happily ever after, but what about the rest of us? The Cinderella Challenge is the answer to happily ever after for the world and how that answer involves all of us. Valson Abraham masterfully teaches us how fulfilling the Great Commission is the joyful privilege offered to each of us by a gracious and joyful God. With his extensive missionary experience, Valson Abraham uses the Cinderella metaphor, challenging us to trust God to work out the good news through each of us to bring the world out of the cellar and into the palace of His kingdom.